About Us

Matco (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd is a wholly owned subsidiary of ESSEM Group. Matco (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd was established in 1995 as a Petronas licensed company to support instrumentation advancement in Actuation Valve Systems, Level Solutions & Sand Management. Matco (Malaysia) also monitors pig, leak and vibration capabilities via online.

Matco's 20 over years of experience, working closely with partners such as Emerson Process Management ClampOn, EEsiflo, and Kinetrol, has made Matco the market leader for customized solutions. Matco was awarded the Outstanding Vendor Award (OVA) by Petronas Carigali Sdn Bhd in 2014 and 2015.

Our Services

Matco Services Sdn Bhd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Matco (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd. The core mission of Matco Services is to provide technical solutions, manpower, and to service products for various clients. We provide engineering and field work support to carry out installations, maintenance, commissioning and monitoring works. With the combined strength of the group, we are capable of providing high quality and reliable services that exceeds our customers’ expectation.

We also support One Matco group for actuated valve servicing in the region via Matco Asia’s network in South East Asia. Matco Services are involved in all field work when it comes to providing the manpower for specialized installation works, and all related services, be it in the plants or on offshore installations. Our skilled technical experts offers the best services in compliance to the international standards.

Actuated Valve Servicing & Installation

  • Conducting Survey and accessing the condition of Actuators, Control Panel Instruments and Valve at site.
  • Refurbishing actuators at site by changing soft seals, cylinder and greasing for Pneumatic and Hydraulic Actuators.
  • Testing at site to ensure complete Actuated Valves is functioning according to client’s requirement.

Petronas Carigali Sendirian Berhad
PMO, SKO (NOW SK OIL AND SK GAS) AND SBO PLATFORMS Bettis Actuators and Control Panels refurbishment for 2012 to 2017 Shutdowns (Over 1000 Actuators and Control Panel Refurbished)

Scope of Work
To Refurbish Bettis Actuators and Control Panel

  • Trouble Shooting​
  • Bettis Original Repair Kits
  • Westlock Limit Switches
  • Versa Solenoid Valves
  • Tubing & Fitting

To Supply Manpower

  • ​Service Engineers
  • Technicians


Mercer Valve Co. has been engineering and manufacturing state of the art safety relief valves since 1986. Our patented Auto Seat Technology(R) has placed us at the forefront of today's relief valve industry. Our relief valves' patented Auto Seat Technology(R) will give you an extended seat life, which will allow your valve to open, close, seat and seal hundreds of times, saving you hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Whether it is our deliveries, valve shop or mobile repair, at Mercer we will continue to strive to satisfy our customers with exemplary service. This commitment along with our continuing valve line development will enable us to continue to grow and be an industry leader.


The Versa line of air control valves offers a broad selection of sizes, types, actuators and mountings. The total spectrum of applications for Versa valves, covers a diversity of energy, environmental and high-tech markets including: process control, robotic, packaging, textile, wood, mobile, automotive, printing, tires, oil and gas drilling, and many other industries where reliable, precise control is not only necessary, but vital.

Westlock Controls

Westlock Controls has built a global reputation providing innovative solutions for networking, monitoring, and controlling process valves. Products have been developed using the latest technology and are intended to work seamlessly with both on/off and modulating valves and actuators to help improve both performance and safety. As a great percentage of today's automated valves are supplied with standard position feedback monitors, the basic engineering concept for actuator control can now be simplified. Lock in the valve body, Load on the solenoid coil. Through a modular design having only five components (3 valve bodies, 2 coils), a wide range of solenoid valve applications may be readily satisfied within a single integrated assembly.

Exclusive Distributorship

Matco holds the exclusive distributorship for Malaysia for the following: Bettis/Emerson Actuators and Controls, Shafer Hydraulic Actuator & HPU, K-Tek Corporation Level Instruments, ClampOn Sand & Pig Monitoring Sensors, Versa Products Co. Inc Solenoid and pilot instrumentation Valves, Westlock Controls Position Monitors, 

Product Range

Actuation & Controls